Friday, 28 September 2012


GALLERY /// Matthew Richardson - Self-p®esentation or Self-p®esentation in Specialist PackagingANNEXE + LIBRARY /// Terese Schulmeister - Meat Me
PROJECT /// Emotion Driven Process Based Parallel Identities - SPACE RitualzBLACKBOARD /// #8 Dawdle

26/10/12 - 16/12/12



Matthew Richardson:
Self-p®esentation or Self-p®esentation in Specialist Packaging

The pressure of production and self-p®esentation is foregrounded in a new body of work by Matthew Richardson (b. 1985, Warrington, based in Glasgow).

"At this particular time, around Frieze and the other shows in London, I’ll be making an exhibition at SPACE that might chime with the autumnal melancholy. With scepticism, my own logic and fairly minimal means, I’ve constructed an installation consisting of re-purposed and industrially produced works. A Snapshot of Me, now, October 2012."

Self-p®esentation or Self-p®esentation in Specialist Packaging is Matthew Richardson’s first institutional solo exhibition in London. He gained his BA in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art, London (2009) and his MFA in Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art (2012). Recent exhibitions include ‘THAT IS THE DAWN’, Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich, ‘We Love You’, Limoncello, London, 'Go Deep or Go Home...', a group show curated by the Hut Project, ASC Studios, London, (all 2012). A two-person exhibition with Timothy Davies is forthcoming at Limoncello, London, (2013).


Terese Schulmeister:
Meat Me

Meat Me is the debut solo show in a UK institution of Vienna based artist Terese Schulmeister.

Central to the exhibition are three feature-length narrative videos made between 1984 and 1991 while Schulmeister was an active member of the far-left commune established by Vienna Actionist Otto Muehl at Friedrichshof, just outside Vienna. Schulmeister’s videos from the Friedrichshof period - produced in collaboration with Muehl - are anarchic, low-fi, gory and satirical. Irresponsibly biographical, her subjects include the golden age of Vienna Modernism (Back to Fucking Cambridge, 1987), Andy Warhol in all his factory period pomp (Andy’s Cake, 1991) and Vincent Van Gogh, reimagined as proto-hippy provocateur (Vincent, 1984).

Alongside a cast drawn from the commune, the videos feature cameos appearances from Nam June Paik, Martin Kippenberger, Harald Szeemann, Maria Lassnig, Lawrence Weiner, Dieter Roth, Albert Oehlen, Heimo Zobernig, Hermann Nitzsch, Peter Weibel and Norman Rosenthal amongst others.

The three videos are presented across SPACE’s Annexe and Library galleries alongside Schulmeister’s paintings, her etching and collage work and documentary material relating to the videos and the Friedrichshof experiment in general.

Please be advised: exhibition contains nudity and graphic images.


Emotion Driven Process Based Parallel Identities:

In line with their communal and non-exclusive approach to making, EDPBPI invite multiple authors to join them in the production of a large scale felt-tip drawing for SPACE’s main corridor. EDPBPI is a South London based artist collective founded in 2010. Currently consisting of five core members, they make videos, workshops and parties.


#8: Dawdle

… Indifference, torpor, apathy! Curator and SPACE studio tenant Gareth Bell-Jones invites a number of artists to reflect on some of the frustrations that come with the studio experience. In addition, Dawdle features a special event exploring boredom, both as a form of suffering and as a potentially transformative quality of certain experiences. The event with feature contributions from Rasmus Johnsen, professor in Management, Politics, and Philosophy at the Copenhagen Business School and Anthony Morgan, lecturer in the history and philosophy of psychology at Northumbria University.