Sunday, 28 August 2011


GALLERY: Neu! Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle: A Parade of Problems
LIBRARY: Watch Out Kids!
BLACKBOARD: Banner Repeater


GALLERY: NEU! Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle: A Parade of Problems

A Parade of Problems continues Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle╩╝s ongoing, more or less directionless, exploration of human knowledge via the production of handmade approximations of mental structures.

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ANNEXE: RHODODENDRON (ii) - Curated by Harm van den Dorpel /////

Juliette Bonneviot, Charles Broskoski, Harm van den Dorpel, Martijn Hendriks, Joel Holmberg and Marlie Mul. Curated by Harm van den Dorpel

SPACE presents an exhibition of work by an international group of young artists whose three-dimensional work, while founded in media art or Internet culture, or made using software, nonetheless expresses a profound enthusiasm for the physical form of the art object (size, material, colour, shape, composition, etc.).

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Sharp, brash and ideological, Watch Out Kids (1972) is a fascinating counter-cultural document; at once historical yet entirely personal. For the exhibition at SPACE the entire comic/book will be displayed on the Library walls alongside a video archive featuring a new interview with Mick Farren by SPACE curator Paul Pieroni.

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BLACKBOARD: Banner Repeater ////

Banner Repeater is an artist led project space and reading room based on platform 1 of Hackney Downs railway station in East London. The project was initiated by SPACE studio artist Ami Clarke in 2009.

Over the last year Banner Repeater has hosted a number of talks exploring the notion of the diagram. The talks utilised the framework of the diagram to consider both aesthetic and pedagogical themes in art, as well as broader concerns relating to how we might find ourselves in the world today. The Blackboard Series at SPACE will continue this line of thought, offering a practical analogue to the project, as well as an opportunity to look back, before moving on.

Contributing artists:

John Mullarkey
Claire Nichols
Dean Kenning
Clunie Reid
Dave Burrows

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