Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Roy Ascott at SPACE

... delighted to be hosting
The Syncretic Sense at SPACE. Info Below


Roy Ascott
The Syncretic Sense
20th May - 25th June

SPACE is proud to present the first major retrospective of Roy Ascott, the British artist, theorist and teacher who has inspired generations of artists. The Syncretic Sense is a touring exhibition from Plymouth Arts Centre curated by Paula Orrell in partnership with i-DAT and the University of Plymouth.

With former students including Brian Eno, Pete Townshend, Stephen Willats and Paul Sermon, since 1962, Roy Ascott has pioneered the creative use of cybernetics, technologies and interactive media in art. He coined the term ‘telematic art’ - the integrated use of computer communications networks - and has been instrumental in projects from the Venice Biennale to Ars Electronica. As an Art Educator he established the radical ‘Groundcourse’ programme in both London and Ipswich, and went on to teach in Toronto, San Francisco, Vienna and Newport, Wales.

The Syncretic Sense, Roy Ascott’s first solo show in London for 40 years, presents an overview of his artwork and rhetoric. From his early participatory ‘Change Paintings’ to his development of telematic art through computer networks, the exhibition considers Ascott’s theory and experimental teaching approaches and is supported by a programme of events.

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