Friday, 26 February 2010

New Display Strategies

Details on the latest exhibition in my curated programme for SEVENTEEN:


New Display Strategies present What's in it for me?, an alternative history of exhibitions, artefacts, artists, their public and the few that buy things.

New Display Strategies is a think-tank formed in 2008 to generate creative strategies for exhibiting cultural artefacts in an age of academic and corporate collaboration. NDS pride themselves on dislocating a culture via its representative artefacts and their means of display. NDS's charge is to re-edit history from their position of pantheistic ornate excess; in doing so producing rich masterplans that can sustain complex and successful institutions.*

What's in it for me? is part of NDS's ongoing historical reading of the decorative arts over the past 5000 years. NDS will map out their alternative history for artists and craftspeople marked by a sustained examination of their interaction with social, intellectual and divine elites. The pyramid, both a symbol of society and as a space ship/celestial vehicle, is a dominant motif in their research. Via pyramidal projection, the viewer will be transported from ancient Egypt to the literati of the enlightenment, making a brief stop with the doomed l'honnete hommes of the French aristocracy, before finishing amidst the brouhaha of post-modern furniture design.

What's in it for me? celebrates a longstanding cross-cultural heritage of exploitation in the creation of public culture and decorative art, exploring how power has shaped and determined artistic production throughout history and how this age-old tradition of cultural exploitation is painstakingly maintained to this day. As Marshall McLuhan once said: good taste is the refuge for the witless.

From the sans-culottes to the sans-papier, New Display Strategies takes a sans limites approach to the roles of the haves and have-nots in cultural production.


*The title of a collaboratively authored text produced by New Display Strategies in 2008. The text can be downloaded as a pdf here

Saturday, 13 February 2010

hype williams: white powder truth sessions

Concluding the programme of events for Destroy All Monsters: Hungry For Death, London based band/collective hype williams presented the white powder truth sessions: a two-day residency in the second gallery at SPACE. Proceedings reached a peak at the end of the first day with a four hour Khat fueled melt down by Bo Khat Family Band.

hype williams feat. yung goatmen - untitled (2008)