Monday, 14 December 2009


I have contributed to David Horvitz' 2009 Wikipedia Reader. Details below:

A Wikipedia Reader

48 pages (24 loose sheets), black and white, 50 lb bright white newsprint

The Wikipedia reader was commissioned by the Art Libraries Society of New York for the Contemporary Artists Books Conference at Printed Matter's 2009 NY Art Book Fair. It was organized through David Senior at the Museum of Modern Art Library. Each contributor was asked to submit a series of linking Wikipedia articles

Contributions by:
Paul Branca, Dexter Sinister, Barbara Ess, Fillip, Rob Giampietro, Marc Handelman, Zach Houston, Adam Katz and Julia Sherman, Brian Kennon/ 2nd Cannons Publications, Chosil Kil, Alex Klein, Marisa Olson, Paul Pieroni, Laurel Ptak, Eileen Quinlan, Michael Smoler, Jamie Stewart, Oraib Toukan, Lia Trinka-Browner, Jen Delos Reyes, Rafael Rozendaal, Ryan Waller, Amy Yao

My contribution linked the following pages:

Faces of Death
San Francisco
Greg Dyke
Roland Rat
Commodore 64
Ford Model T
Prohibition in the United_States
Autobiography of Malcolm_X
Russian Roulette