Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Lawrence Weiner: Book Review

A review for Art World of Lawrence Weiner's "As Far As The Eye Can See" - a career monograph published prior to his major retrospective exhibition at the Whitney in late 2008.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

WE LIKE WHAT YOU EAT - New Perspectives in American Video

New Perspective in American Video
Wednesday 16th Apr - Saturday 17th May 2008


WE LIKE WHAT YOU EAT is a micro survey exhibition investigating a specific set of tendencies in the practice of a selected group of North American contemporary video artists.

The appropriation of pre-existing mainstream entertainment media is the dominant refrain in the work of the artists featured in this exhibition. The internet, in particular video streaming websites such as YouTube, as well as television programs, advertisements, music videos and cinema serve Paul B. Davis, the duo Javier Morales + John Michael Boling and Eric Fensler with an abundant territory from which they draw both their inspiration and subject matter.
In terms of exposure, the art gallery has been matched and perhaps even surpassed in importance by the website itself as an artistic platform for the included artists. In exact accordance with this relocation, there is no singular or predictable audience for their work and that of its ilk; from high school computer geeks to international curators - the fascinated take no dogmatic form.

Immediate, humorous, inventive and, above all, relevant - the artists in WE LIKE WHAT YOU EAT stand as the selected representatives of a much larger movement which, while having an international span, nonetheless maintains its spiritual centre in the United States of America.
Paul B. Davis [BEIGE] is a DJ, educator and data artist as well as being a founder member, alongside Cory Archangel, of the programming ensemble BEIGE. He had his first solo show at SEVENTEEN in 2007 and will present a solo booth at the SEVENTEEN stand at the NEXT Art Fair in Chicago, April 2008. He presents one of his trademark YouTube hacks - glitchy, pixilated visual mash-up's constructed via the manipulation of the compositional data contained within a number of standard video clips taken from the website.

Javier Morales + John Michael Boling first collaborated together as fellow students at the University of Georgia. Their collective oeuvre is here represented by two key video collaborations, The Church of The Future (2006) and Body Magic (2006); both television re-edit works that are mystical, musical and indeterminately potent. Together Morales and Boling run the website 53 o's ( and program the video blog Channel 53.

Eric Fensler's diverse creative output is beyond singular classification - comprising television re-edits, cartoon re-cuts/re-voicings, Polaroid photography, music videos and network television screen writing. For the exhibition he presents a number of video works including the much lauded GI JOE PSA series - manipulated versions of the public service announcements that accompanied the end of each episode of the cult toy franchise's popular children's television cartoon.
A series of evening screenings of related video material from each of the artists will accompany this exhibition. Please contact the gallery for more information regarding these events and the exhibition in general.

WE LIKE WHAT YOU EAT is the inaugural exhibition at SEVENTEEN's new basement exhibition space - curated by Paul Pieroni. In late May SEVENTEEN will follow this exhibition with the first major survey of the British Scratch Video phenomenon (1983/6).

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